TowBoatUS Ventura is standing by 24/7 to offer a variety of services to both BoatUS members and non-members. While members have significant benefits such as not having to pay out of pocket tow expenses, TowBoatUS offers their services to all mariners. As a member of the Accredited for Commercial Assistance and Professional Towing programs, you can be ensured that you will receive safe and quality assistance that you can trust from only United States Coast Guard Licensed Captains.

Salvage services are not covered under a towing membership. While there is sometimes a fine line between the towing and salvage, there are a few clear indicators that point to each. With salvage, it is the existence of “peril.” Historically and legally, salvage is any voluntary and successful rescue of a boat and/or its cargo from a peril at sea.Today that definition also includes avoiding or reducing damage to a marine environment. Providing voluntary and successful service to vessels hard aground, on rocks, taking on water or sunk is generally considered salvage, as are rescues necessitated by collisions, fires, breakaways or other types of immediate peril. Salvage may also come into play when specialized equipment such as pumps, air bags, or divers are called for – even if the boat is at the dock. The following link, is a good resource to determine what is or is not a salvage.

Towing vs. Salvage: What Boaters Should Know

What We Offer

  • Towing
  • Soft Ungroundings
  • Battery Jumps
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Spill Containment & Cleanup
  • Salvage Services
  • Diving Services
  • Launch & Delivery
  • Environmental Services
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Film & Event Support
  • Marine Recovery
  • Sunken Vessel Recovery
  • De-watering
  • Boat Fires
  • Hard Groundings                                                       
  • Surf Rescue

*Not all services mentioned are included under a BoatUS towing membership. Please see the Membership Towing Agreement to see what is covered under a towing membership.


Service Rates:

Contracted Non-Emergency Towing Services

Towing/deliveries/jump starts – day rate $275 per hour

Towing/deliveries/jump starts – night rate $325 per hour

Extra charge for small craft advisories $50 per hour

Tows over 12 hours $75 per hour

Extra crew as needed $75 per hour

Boats over 50 feet $25 per hour

Diving $200 per hour

Salvage and Emergency Services

Salvage Vessel $385 per hour

Captain $165 per hour

Salvage Master $205 per hour

Deckhand/salvage tech $85 per hour

Diver/Swimmer $200 per hour

Diver/Swimmer –hazardous/ night/small craft advisories $ 400 per hour 

4X4 Truck for beach work $250 per hour

Add 25% for night and small craft advisories. Personnel rates are charged at time and half after 8 hours/Saturdays/Sundays, and double time after 12 hours and on holidays.

Salvage Equipment

Lift Bag: 1,000 – 2,000 lbs $300 per day

Lift Bag: over 2,000 lbs $400 per day

De-watering Pump $200 per day

Compressor/hoses $350 per day

Generator $300 per day

Dive gear, surface supply or scuba $400 per day/per diver

The above is a partial list only; additional charges will be applied for any other necessary equipment and personnel utilized, and for all consumables required on a specific job. All rates are portal to portal. There is a one hour minimum on all contracted towing services and two hours minimum for nights. There is a minimum salvage/emergency services charge of $275 per foot of boat length, $375 for events at the islands, nights, small craft advisories, and on Sundays/holidays. Sublet will be billed on a cost plus 20% basis. All salvage cases are unique, above rates are intended to be used as a guideline only and are not all-inclusive.